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Boy Soriano: On Your 40th Day


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And The “Entrepreneur Of The Year” Is…..

The following is an article from Mind Body n Soul and it just happens to fit the picture we have in mind:

“Those who condemn wealth are those who have none and see no chance of getting it” is a very witty remark by William Pen Patrick. Candidly speaking there is certainly no reason to condemn wealth. Wealth creation is an inevitable necessity and quite worthy at that. Or else how do we propose to mitigate poverty, build infrastructure or develop technology? But mind you it is by no means a dilettante’s job. It is like art, better your imagination more attractive the picture. “Innovation”, the cornerstone of burgeoning business is nothing but a flight of imagination. In this fast paced world, one who has vision for the SEEN and the UNSEEN is the one who emerges victorious. Continue reading

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eBangui Overseas: United We Stand, er–That’s our Hope

We are changing our focus.  It’s a change for the better based on the proposition that eBANGUI OVERSEAS united, as often the case in group dynamics, is greater than the sum of its individual parts.  Tapping on the energy of the community of eBANGUI OVERSEAS is simply the sensible course of action to influence positive changes in Bangui:  (a) in academic excellence and (b) in exceptional entrepreneurial achievement.  To unite as a cohesive force is what we hope to achieve.  The path to unity has its challenges.  But the potential to do something salutary and beneficial for the old hometown is real.

But first, an intuitive clarification:  “eBANGUI OVERSEAS” refers broadly to those folks from Bangui working and/or residing overseas–in Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, South America, the United States, etc.– and united primarily through the electronic medium–the Internet–hence the “e” in eBANGUI.  As we believe in the dynamics of inclusion, we also count these folks as eBangui:  (a) those by affiliation (spouses and other relatives), (b) those by their roots, and (c) those souls interested in our cause and therefore may be adopted as eBangui. Continue reading

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Why Secondary School Guidance Counselors?

On March 2, 2004, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed into law Republic Act 9258 otherwise known as “An Act professionalizing the practice of guidance and counseling and creating for this purpose a professional regulatory board of guidance and counseling, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes.” The Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for RA 9258 were subsequently adopted on March 21, 2005. Continue reading

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In Praise of Academic Excellence

Here’s a HUGE change from the original plan of giving the Award to the winning Valedictorian(s) only. Each campus (Banban, Poblacion, Lanao) of the Bangui National High School shall now field an Academic Team of its graduating Valedictorian(s) and Salutatorian(s) to participate in the Felix Soriano Scholarhip Awards’ Academic Decathlon, the scholarship examination to be proctored by a duly authorized Foundation representative(s). To ensure the integrity of the examinations, the Foundation’s Scholarship Examination Coordinator shall prepare and ship three examination sets individually sealed to be opened simultaneously by each of the Academic Teams just before the given time of the examination at a given test site. Continue reading

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Rigor/Relevance Framework

Following is an article on the Rigor/Relevance Framework from The ideal educational program or curriculum should be anchored on the precepts within this framework. To the “learn to earn” students and those who place a premium on academic excellence, the journey from Quadrant A  to Quadrant D ultimately should be made a personal program to follow.  Those students who make it their business to be aware of the framework principles and are able to complement their curriculum from external sources such as the vast resources of the Internet, from their peers and elders, from street smarts, etc., should have a better chance at coping with life, or better yet, succeeding in their goals. Continue reading

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Jane R. Soriano: The Prime Mover

When the idea to establish a pair of annual scholarship awards for Boy was broached up to Jane, she wrote:  “I think this is such a wonderful idea!  I’m sure my husband will love it.  I am all for it and would be more than glad to assist in the next steps…”

That positive response from Jane Rioga-Soriano was such a high to me because she is, for all practical purposes, the woman behind the FELIX SORIANO SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS.

Chosen by Boy Soriano to be his partner in life, Jane believes in the importance of education and scholarship.  As specifics for the Scholarship Awards have actually not been developed yet, she even suggested a collaborative site on the Internet to flesh out the details, hence, this blog.

“I’m looking forward to talking about this at the 40-day anniversary. Till then, let me know your thoughts and what I can do to help in any way I can,” Jane wrote.  Coming from The Prime Mover, that was an order to action. I immediately got her on the phone to discuss some initial issues. I’m happy to report that Jane means business:  it’s a go!

I then emailed her that I was hoping she would make herself available to go and personally present the award to the recipient at his/her high school’s graduation ceremonies some time in March 2009. “I’m all for appearing in person to present the award to the worthy recipient in March,” she wrote back. “It’s important to me that the recipient know the meaning of the Scholarship Awards…”

Houston:  we have ignition!

– Joe Padre

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Hello World!

Apart from being a memorial to Boy, this blog aims to provide a forum where we could discuss academic issues and even growing-up concerns.  Relevant pictures are okay.

Things like proper study habits/techniques for the high school student, test-taking strategies, some frank and basic sexual education issues, self-help stuff, CliffNotes-like stuff, sample questions as appear on the SAT, guidance/career counseling issues, even stuff on how to control acne(!), and such other matters affecting high school students should be par for the course.

Guest blogs pertinent to promoting academic excellence in general are welcome.

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Felix P “Boy” Soriano, Aug. 10, 2008: In Memoriam

Eulogy by E.S. Padre – Aug. 16, 2008

If there was a young role model I would have wanted to emulate when I was growing up, that would be Boy, my cousin, my neighbor, my friend, my partner in crime. Born 4 months apart—I’m older—we entered grade school at the same time. Yet, he exhibited skills far superior than mine. He was a bright kid in school, but mind you, he had other exceptional skills that both he and I took advantage of. Continue reading

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In Boy’s Memory: For the Best and Brightest

On August 10, 2008, Boy’s heart was not just up to it and he left so suddenly. In fact, too early.  However, his memory will linger on.

The FELIX SORIANO SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS (heretofore referred to as the “Awards”) is established to promote and reward academic excellence among students at the three campuses–Banban, Poblacion, and Lanao–of the Bangui National High School.  The annual awards which will be determined and presented to the best academic all-around students as determined by a written examination to be administered to the topnotch senior students (valedictorians) from the three campuses.  The Award shall be awarded to the lucky recipients at their school’s graduation ceremonies.

There is a set of officers, initially chaired by Jane R. Soriano, widow of the late Boy Soriano, and initially presided over by Roy S. Padre as the first President.  The funds for the Awards shall be deposited in an interest-earning account.  Contributions from all sources shall be duly accounted for and the records shall be published accordingly in this site.

The initial officers, who will not receive any monetary compensation, are:

Jane R. Soriano, CEO

Roy S. Padre, President

Nida Rioga & Pedro S. Alupay, Jr., Executive Vice-Presidents for Scholarship Fund Raising

Mila P. Valdez, Secretary-Treasurer

Mely S. Padua, Liaison Officer

Sadiri S. Padre, Legal Counsel

Joe S. Padre, Scholarship Exam Coordinator

The officers shall convene at least twice a year–in person or by digital means–to discuss and promulgate policy, determine the annual student awardees and arrange for the monetary award to be delivered to the topnotchers of the scholarship examination (taken by senior valedictorians and salutatorians from all BNHS campuses that academic year) at the recipient’s high school graduation ceremonies.

The first scholarship award is for the academic year 2008-2009.

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